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[OUTDATED] Xaanik Ref Sheet (Mid 2016) by SilverPsychopomp [OUTDATED] Xaanik Ref Sheet (Mid 2016) by SilverPsychopomp
this sheet is slightly outdated! go here for the (unfinished) new one I'll be using for the time being!
[TEMPORARY] Xaanik Ref Sheet (Mid 2017) by SilverPsychopomp

    Er naiiduk suf zak. Nuu-aaʞ teppor thaa’ol vekkil-on.
                I am the End of Light. I cut the threads with gentle hands.

It was about time this OC of mine got an update <3

Okay, I'll figure out something with which to fill that empty space and then it'll be *REALLY* complete haha

I was just super excited to upload this rn so yeah haha

I designed that new jacket and mask for him keeping in mind how his "master" (he thinks he owes her something just because she's the avatar of his god) Felony might dress him; i.e. appealingly but also as more of an object than a person. I wanted to convey a theme of restraint and dehumanization in his outfit without actually restricting his movement or looking too kinky, and this is what I came up with. I stuck with monochrome because although he's a nice kinda guy he's very black n white when it comes to... pretty much everything :')

I'm just gonna copy-paste his character info from his old sheet to here because not a lot about him has changed recently, and also I'm very lazy

Short Bio:
He's an ex-angel who used to serve under the goddess of the dead. Stripped of his powers, he's spent the past 200 years mooching around earth. He's an empath and a user of blood magic, an understandably uncommon technique in which the mage uses physical pain to focus their spells.

Having been kicked out of service as an angel, he’s not really sure what to do with himself. Actually, he’s spent the past 20 years sulking around in a cave, until a bunch of adventurous kids stumbled into him.

Now he’s kind of devoted himself to Felony, a dimension mage and avatar of his Goddess.

Personality: Gentle, insightful, introverted, passive, hedonistic, emotional,  melodramatic, pious (to the deity that created him, at least), passionate

Moral Core: Serve and defend a “worthy” cause or person, minimise suffering, honour everything.

Weakness: Planning, keeping objective. Tends to over-ritualise things. Can’t see the trees for the forest. Can be awkward and over-personal in conversations. A bit set in his ways. Is easily overwhelmed by crowds because of his empathy. Far too open to manipulation and abuse.

Abilities: Can use magic to alter perceptions and emotions of others. Extremely co-ordinated and agile. Can withstand heavy damage and extreme levels of pain.

Physical Weaknesses: Fire/heat, pressure, impact. His bones are lighter and easier to break than a normal healthy humans.

Likes: Plants! He has a fascination and love for flora of any kind. He also loves the idea of astronomy but couldn’t solve an equation to save his life, so he has a really casual appreciation for space n stars n stuff. As well as this, he enjoys dancing, bad soap operas (he gets really invested in them) and cold days.

Dislikes: Fire and heat -- his blood is flammable so fire could mess him up pretty bad! He hates hot days and generally has a miserable time in summer. He has a fear of any undead creature, taking pity on Zombies to the point of tears, and hating Vampires and Lichs so much he’ll fly into a rage if you so much as express sympathy for them.

Fun Facts:

    ·        While most of his senses are pretty sharp, his vision isn’t very good. He’s a bit longsighted and has to wear glasses to read.

    ·        He has a PhD in botany which is about as useful as you’d expect.

    ·        He’s allergic to bees. He appreciates them for their work but he gives bees a wide berth (much to the amusement of his fellow botanists back in the day)

    ·        He was originally summoned by a dimension mage named Kellen, who used the fallen angel’s powers to help fight a war. The two were so influential that Xaanik’s kind of a historical figure, but you wouldn’t know it was him unless he told you because he was kind of anonymous through the whole thing. (I'm not sure which war yet)

    ·        Xaanik’s original job as an angel was to bring comfort to the dying and ensure their souls were safely severed from their bodies.

    ·        His voice is smooth and almost clinical most of the time. It’s relaxing to listen to.

    ·        ....Except for when he gets really animated. When he's excited about something he'll talk at a million miles an hour. When he's pissed off his voice will get deep and growly. His emotions bleed easily into his voice.

    ·        Xaanik doesn’t age, but it’s possible to kill him by driving ashsteel (a magical but easily obtained type of metal) into both his eyes. He won’t die even if you hack him to bits (he’ll eventually grow back from the largest chunk a bit like a starfish???) but you could kill him properly with two needles.

    ·        He has a horrifyingly long tongue. Seriously. It’s like, at least a foot long. He has normal spit but the deeper lengths of his tongue are coated in that black slime.

    ·        He used to be able to shape-shift into various birds and insects (especially carrion birds/insects), but he can’t do it anymore because he’s lost like 99.9% of his original power haha

    ·        His sense of smell and taste are incredibly good, to the point that he can sniff out some diseases.

    ·        He can’t eat, but he likes to taste things by smelling or licking them. His favourite flavours are soap, salt, vinegar, and mouthwash. Unfortunately, soap makes him sick and alcohol does actually effect him.

    ·        Xaanik is a pretty fabulous kind of guy and has been known to rock heels and crop tops and even some v. fashionable dresses when he’s not being utilitarian. The markings on his face are natural but the eyeliner is actual eyeliner. It’s not so much cross-dressing as it is Xaanik being Xaanik.

    ·        When he’s nervous he has a tendency to bite his hands, often to the point of drawing blood.

    ·        Because of his empathy, he can struggle with being around a large number of people. He’s either intensely edgy or zoned out when he’s in a crowd, and could easily be sent into an actual panic. 

    ·        It's not a "main" power of his, but he can communicate images telepathically via touch if he concentrates hard enough.

    ·        He does have a last name, though he seems to change it arbitrarily and it's always a scientific name for his current favorite plant. I don't think he understands the point of surnames. It's currently "Actinostrobus".

    ·        His sigil currently lurks in the background of my profile! Because he's not a real angel anymore you can't use it to summon him, but you can use it to kinda ~reach out~ to him psychically.

    ·        Those markings of his can actually change colour a bit, being anything from pale pink to medium purple to black. They may also glow bright pink when he's near a very powerful source of magic. His blood may also glow slightly blue when he's performing magic, or emit a brilliant cyan glow when he's exposed to extreme levels of magic. Under rare and extreme circumstances this glow can be bright enough to actually be seen in his veins a little bit (like in his wrists etc).

Here's a example of his "excited" purple markings

i'm garbage and i love to sin by SilverPsychopomp

And an example of his "Xtreme Magic" glowing pink markings (albeit on an outdated drawing)
to hell with ya by SilverPsychopomp

Of course, his markings and blood are USUALLY black so it's more normal to draw him as such (I also got his arm markings wrong here shame on me </3)
XV - The Devil by SilverPsychopomp

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LadyVenomMyotismon Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh...I'm. Almost instantly in love with this character.
I think I've read the description and bio inside out about now!
Gorgeous. ;_; I love his face, most of all!
Un-unfortunate that he hates vampires. My persona is a vampire. *cries softly*
SilverPsychopomp Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Omg thank you so much???? A lot of love went into this boy I'm so glad you like him omg ;u;
Aww no! Don't worry, I'm sure he can work past his prejudices. One day. Maybe :')
Annabelle-Ailuros Featured By Owner May 11, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I think the text is a bit small, but overall, I love the design. The jacket seems fitting. And the vest just right. Wonderful character.
SilverPsychopomp Featured By Owner May 12, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahh thanks for the feedback! <3 I'm glad it all works~
Okay I'll make that writing a little bigger haha
Annabelle-Ailuros Featured By Owner May 12, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome ^_^
DarkReaperAssassin13 Featured By Owner May 11, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I love his outfit, especially his pants:D ( I would rock them pants , they're definitely my kind of stule)
And overall his character is pretty baddass:D
SilverPsychopomp Featured By Owner May 12, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahh thanks I'm glad you like it ;w;
Yessss same here though I'd wear the hell out of those pants tbh haha
DarkReaperAssassin13 Featured By Owner May 12, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah its awesome. He looks so cuddly and soft ^^ . I love the feathers on his shoulders and And his outfit in general is so cool. :D
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